“Holly and Stephanie have been amazing to work with.  They cut right to the core of who our target market is and how we should develop our marketing and branding to connect with them.  Their ability to ask the right questions not only of  my company but also of the focus groups they facilited. I highly recommend Raft and Co. Bespoke Branding.”

— Rebecca Hammett, Founder and CEO of One Less Thing.


“Holly and Stephanie serve as our joint Chief Marketing Officers and have led the strategy and creative direction of our Fintech start up.  They quickly learned our financial software model and the social investments landscape in order to champion and shepard our business.”

— Jason Escamilla, CEO and Founder of ImpactAdvisor.

“Stephanie and Holly have been wonderful to work with at Ingrid & Isabel!  No doubt about it- they have invested hundreds of hours into learning our customer demographic.  They function as part of our team and we wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s amazing to know they are only an email or a phone call away- exactly when we need them. They are always up for a lively brainstorm or even a last minute in person meeting request. We lean heavily on them for support for several projects, and we often rely on their research to use as the backbone of our marketing strategy.  We have such a niche demographic, and we love how flexible and inventive they are with their approach to collecting honest and sincere data from a Mom.”

— Jessica Jalowiec, Associate Marketing Director at Ingrid & Isabel